White House EV Acceleration Challenge Highlights Rewiring America

WASHINGTON, D.C., Thursday, March 30, 2023—Today, the White House announced the first commitments of its “EV Acceleration Challenge,” recognizing public and private sector efforts to help reach President Biden’s goal of having 50 percent of all new vehicle sales be electric by 2030. As part of that announcement, Rewiring America unveiled the development of a new tool to help Americans electrify everything, including their homes and vehicles.

Building on the success of Rewiring America’s Inflation Reduction Act Calculator, which has helped more than 400,000 Americans understand the incentives available to them to electrify their home appliances, the Personal Electrification Planner goes several steps beyond in helping homeowners and renters create customized plans to make their electrification journey affordable and achievable.

Rewiring America’s initial target is for 100,000 Americans to use the tool to create plans by summer. Detailed plans will include EVs, EV chargers, home appliances covered by the Inflation Reduction Act, and any related electrical panel and wiring upgrades. Users will be able to access interactive tools, information, and guides to help them make a plan, locate qualified installers and retailers, and understand the IRA incentives available to help with costs. Rewiring America will work to add state, local, and utility incentives to give Americans a comprehensive understanding of the resources available to them and how they can be combined to make the switch even more affordable.

“We’ve heard from households and know they want to better understand how to electrify, and how to sequence that journey. The Personal Electrification Planner will help people know when and how to access resources that will help them choose, purchase, and charge their electric vehicles,” said Tom Mercer, Rewiring America’s Head of Product.

“The gas-powered car has reached an innovation plateau. Electric cars, on the other hand, are driving us into an exciting technological future and are better than gas cars on every single metric. We want to help Americans understand that electric products are superior products,” said Ari Matusiak, CEO and co-founder of Rewiring America.

Last month, political leader, voting rights activist, and bestselling author Stacey Abrams joined Rewiring America as Senior Counsel, to help advance electrification in communities across America.

“Like democracy, electrification is something everyone should have the ability to take advantage of to make their lives better. Too often, communities in most need are the ones who aren't able to take advantage of opportunity and resources, and that is why I’ve joined Rewiring America. When you make benefits accessible and expand knowledge of what is available, you give everyone the ability to live safer, healthier lives where we all can thrive,” said Stacey Abrams, Senior Counsel of Rewiring America. More information about Rewiring America can be found here. News media may reach out to media@rewiringamerica.org.