Rewiring America on the Inflation Reduction Act Anniversary

A statement from Co-founder and CEO Ari Matusiak

Washington, DC, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, August 16, 2023 — The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), signed into law one year ago, is the largest climate investment in American history — but also a generational investment in our personal infrastructure: our homes, vehicles, and communities. Rewiring America co-founder and CEO Ari Matusiak:

“The Inflation Reduction Act’s history, for many months prior to the bill signing a year ago to today, is a story of making the ephemeral concrete. It is a monumental legislative achievement that almost broke our hearts and then thrilled us with its scope. For the last 12 months, we and other organizations and leaders in the federal, state, and local spheres have worked thoughtfully to bring this massive investment to people in every community and of every income level, to make the policy and dollars real and tangible in our lives.”

“Rewiring America’s North Star is to make efficient, electric machines the most affordable and convenient to purchase and install. For everyone. For some Americans, we are building a very personalized online tool to help them plan and schedule home improvements and vehicle upgrades using the IRA. We have already had more than 530,000 households determine how much money the IRA will mean for them using the calculator we launched the day the President signed the bill.

“We will continue to reach Americans through the people and organizations they trust most, with a creative campaign to inspire them to take action. We will work house by house, at the community level and market level, to break down financial and other barriers to help families install clean, healthy, electric appliances and systems.

“Each of these work streams, and the work of so many others to make the IRA concrete in our lives, is vital for our future. By upgrading the machines we use to heat and cool our homes, heat our water, cook our food, dry our clothes, and power our lives, each of us can help the country meet our climate goals, and improve the comfort, health, and cost of living in our homes for years to come.”