New York becomes first state in nation to launch a Home Energy Rebates program, made possible by the Inflation Reduction Act

New York will roll out $39.6 million in initial funding of its allotted $318 million in home electrification and efficiency rebate dollars this month, becoming the first state in the nation to stand up this key Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) program

Queens, New York — Today, New York state rolled out $39.6 million in initial Home Energy Rebates funding via its EmPower+ program. Rewiring America released the following statement from CEO Ari Matusiak:

“Today marks a landmark moment in the implementation of the largest climate bill in history. We congratulate New York for becoming the first state in the nation to roll out the Home Electrification and Appliance Rebates and applaud the Department of Energy for prioritizing getting these dollars out the door and into communities.

“By crafting a program that meets the needs of its communities and directing this first tranche of funding exclusively to low-income households that stand to benefit the most from lower energy bills and healthier homes, New York is taking an important step in ensuring that the transition to an all-electric future is an equitable one.

“We’re eager to see the next batch of rebate programs roll out in the coming months and to see states follow New York’s lead in thoughtfully designing effective programs that make the most of this historic opportunity.”

In addition to federal IRA incentives, Rewiring America is integrating state, local, and utility level incentive information into their popular incentive savings calculator on a state-by-state basis. Coverage currently includes Colorado, D.C., Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont.

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