Rewiring Schools

How to campaign for a comfier, healthier, carbon-free campus

Want to #ElectrifyEverything in your school?

These resources will help you and your district get it done! Run a campaign to get your school board to pass a resolution. Then, point your board to our handbook for planning and implementation help, and use our education materials to answer all your electric questions.

How to start a campaign

This video and companion PDF are designed to help you get your #ElectrifyEverything campaign going. It’s meant for students and supportive adults — including adults willing to recruit students!

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Book it

The #ElectrifyEverything in Your School Handbook has info for helping districts plan and implement all-electric upgrades (though there’s also more info about campaigns). It’s written for people on the decision-making and implementation side (e.g. school board members, facility managers, etc.). But it's also useful to read through if you’re on a campaign and want to responses for people who say your district can’t get this done.

Download handbook PDF

Get schooled

This video series, “#ElectrifyEverything: A Very Short Course,” can be used to both teach and learn about some of the technical reasons for going all-electric. They’re meant for teachers to share with students, but hopefully they’re interesting to anyone curious about some of the STEM aspects of electrifying.

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Why #ElectrifyEverything?

Because going electric means a clean, healthy climate-safe school! By upgrading to electric HVAC systems and electric kitchens, and switching to electric school buses and solar panels, your school will be healthy, cozy and climate-friendly

Want to help #ElectrifyEverything in your school? Follow these three simple steps:


A School Board campaign to push for a resolution committing to making an #ElectrifyEverything plan. Anyone in your district can start or join a campaign — including YOU!

Plan & Audit

After the resolution is adopted, the district has to actually make the plan, by auditing what currently exists in the schools, what needs to change and how to pay for it.


The work to #ElectrifyEverything gets done!

This page is a resource for everyone (students, teachers, school staff, community members) interested in trying to get your local school & district to #ElectrifyEverything. If you have questions, feedback, or want to let us know you’re running a campaign using this stuff, email us —

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