IRA Investment for Tribal and Indigenous Communities

Our memo outlines over $46 billion in eligible funding for electrification, energy system transformation and pollution reduction

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) directs over $722 million specifically to Tribal and Indigenous communities and includes another $46 billion that Tribal and Indigenous communities are eligible to apply for. For electrification, the IRA makes available over $35 billion in resources to Tribal and Indigenous communities, if they take full advantage of all the money in the IRA. This brief outlines the IRA provisions designated to help Tribal and Indigenous communities lower their energy costs, transform their energy systems and reduce pollution through efficient, beneficial electrification.

Key takaways

  • $225M for Tribes to provide rebates for qualified electrification projects through the electrification rebates program, aka High-Efficiency Electric Homes and Rebates program (HEEHRP).

  • $150M total appropriations through 2031 through the Tribal Electrification Program, which includes monies for home repair and electrification.

  • $235M total appropriations through 2031 through Tribal Climate Resilience for improvements including resilience and adaptation fish hatchery operations.