How to Electrify a Mid-Size City

By Stephen Pantano & Sam Calisch, Rewiring America, and Daniel Munczek Edelman, Next100

We know that electrification is the right solution. This report, submitted to the DC Public Service Commission, where we welcome your comments and support, provides an electric blueprint for mid-sized municipalities. Some highlights:

  • Electrification will eliminate emissions from the building and transportation sectors, save people money, and improve public health. Buildings in the District can easily be retrofitted to be all-electric. We don’t need to wait for new technology or more evidence to prove that it’s feasible. Solutions are ready to be installed today!
  • Electrification must be equitable. Rising fossil fuel costs are devastating DC residents, especially those with low and moderate incomes. Electrification provides a more efficient, comfortable, and affordable energy experience for all residents.
  • Renewable natural gas has no place in a clean energy transition. The oil and gas industry is pushing RNG in an attempt to curb electrification efforts. But gas is gas, regardless of the source, and burning it worsens climate change, threatens public health, and walks back any progress toward a zero emissions future.
  • Rewiring requires readiness. If we wait until the furnace dies in the middle of winter, we’ve lost. Rewiring requires readiness and preparedness – plans for upgrading panels, an understanding of the electric offerings, and incentives.
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How to Electrify a Mid-Size City

A condensed version of the DC report that presents universal takeaways and opportunities for municipalities everywhere.

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How to Electrify a Mid-size City: Presentation