Federal Investments in Household Electrification Poll

A National Survey by Rewiring America and Data for Progress

By Danielle Deiseroth, Senior Climate Data Analyst, Data for Progress, July 2021

As part of a new national survey, nonprofit Rewiring America and think tank Data for Progress find that voters across the political spectrum significantly underestimate the impact of their household decisions on carbon emissions, but are widely concerned about their household energy costs and overwhelmingly back federal measures to make zero-emission electric appliances more affordable for consumers.

As Congress considers historic investments in our nation’s infrastructure, household electrification emerges as one of the most impactful — and popular — policy proposals.

Key Findings

  • Voters are generally underestimating the extent to which household decisions (home energy usage and personal vehicles) contribute to total U.S. carbon emissions.
  • Over eighty percent of voters say decreases in their monthly energy costs would have a “Very” or “Somewhat” significant impact on their household budgets
  • Nearly three-quarters of voters (74 percent) support federal investments to help households lower their monthly electricity costs
  • Nearly two-thirds of voters (65 percent) would prefer the government invests in consumer rebates for electric appliances rather than gas-powered appliances
  • Over two-thirds of voters (71 percent) support federal investments to provide consumers rebates for purchasing and installing zero-emission electric appliances
  • Nearly two-thirds of voters (64 percent) would “Definitely” or “Probably” consider participating in a federal rebate program for zero-emissions electric appliances
  • Three-quarters of voters (75 percent) think the associated jobs created by a federal home electrification rebate program would have a positive impact on their communities
  • Support for federal investments in home electrification withstands pushback, with a majority of voters agreeing that a household electrification rebate program would result in positive outcomes for Americans regardless of their income
  • A majority of voters (51 percent) agree lawmakers should consider homes and rental units as part of their decision-making framework for the infrastructure bill and reconciliation package that are currently being negotiated in Congress

Media Coverage

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    “Few U.S. voters realize the gas and oil used to power their homes and appliances spew huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. But vast majorities of voters across party lines want the federal government to help them buy and install electric stoves, heaters and other appliances that would reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and eliminate emissions.”

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