CEOs for Electrification

We are starting to realize that -- as energy consumers -- electrifying everything may be the most important climate action we can take. As business leaders, we have a big role to play. We can buy clean energy and replace fossil fueled machines with clean electric alternatives. We can help our workforces go electric at home. We can help transform the market. We can use our voices in the public debate.

What does it mean to go electric? It’s empowering (no pun intended)! Around 40 percent of our energy emissions come from decisions we make around the kitchen table: what cars we drive, how we heat our homes and water, how we cook and dry our clothes, and how we power it all. We make the same kinds of decisions in the workplace. It means installing heat pumps and induction stoves, upgrading breaker boxes, adding rooftop solar and plugging our cars into EV chargers.

It saves on monthly bills, creates good local jobs, makes indoor air healthier, and is crucial to getting to zero emissions. And, we’ve already invented all the technology we need to do it.

We are nonpartisan. We work with the nonprofit Rewiring America to make the case. We are CEOs for Electrification.

Mohammed Abdalla
Jonathan Abe
Lisa Altieri
Martha Amram
Tooraj Arvajeh
Ferhat Babacan
Donnel Baird
Hayes Barnard
Kiran Bhatraju
Annalee Bloomfield
Dave Boettcher
Vic Burconak
William Burke
Christopher Burrage
John Carrington
Annette Clayton
William Collins
Robert Cooper
Antonio Dixon
Casey Donahue
Corey Donahue
Jeff Eckel
Chad Farrell
Abode Energy Management
Anuranet Corp
Atmos Financial, PBC
bettr homes
Beyond Grid Energy
Burlington Electric Department
Caelux Corporation
Carbon Collective
Clean Power Consulting Group
Con Edison
Daikin US
Dandelion Energy
David Energy

Take the Pledge to Join

I pledge to make electrifying everything core to our business. I will:

  • develop a plan to convert our energy sources and the machines we use to clean electricity,
  • find ways to educate and reward employees who make the switch at home and work,
  • invest in products, businesses and technologies that accelerate market transformation,
  • use my voice in my industry sector, with customers, with news media, with policymakers, and in my community to support and educate about electrifying everything.

We have the technology to save the planet, modernize our businesses and create quality jobs - we just need to flex our power.

Electrifying Everything: It’s a process.

The reality of a world built on fossil fuels means we cannot remove them from our lives and business operations immediately. But electrifying everything is about committing to doing all we can, where we can, as soon as we can. It’s a predisposition to prioritize electrification across our operations, knowing that, in so doing, we’re future-proofing our organizations, and safeguarding the planet.

Ambition is at the heart of this great effort: it will take strength, dedication and nothing short of economy-wide mobilization to turn all the bad machines into good ones in the coming decades.

To embrace the ethos of electrifying everything means being ok with imperfection, but not ok with anything less than an all-out effort to do our very best. Awareness of hard or impossible to abate sectors of one's operation does not preclude ownership of the electrify everything imperative – instead, it’s a marker of understanding and acceptance of the great challenge before us. The key is to aim to electrify everything, knowing that electrifying something is still much better than electrifying nothing.


  • Mohammed Abdalla
    Mohammed Abdalla

    Founder and CEO of Good Faith Energy

  • Jonathan Abe
    Jonathan Abe

    CEO of Sunwealth

  • Lisa Altieri
    Lisa Altieri

    Founder, CEO of BrightAction

  • Martha Amram
    Martha Amram

    CEO of GLYNT.AI, Inc.

  • Tooraj Arvajeh
    Tooraj Arvajeh

    CEO of Perl Street

  • Ferhat Babacan
    Ferhat Babacan

    Co-Founder and CEO of Bluedot

  • Donnel Baird
    Donnel Baird

    CEO of BlocPower

  • Hayes Barnard
    Hayes Barnard

    Founder, Chairman and CEO of GoodLeap

  • Kiran Bhatraju
    Kiran Bhatraju

    Founder and CEO of Arcadia


  • Kiran Bhatraju
    Kiran Bhatraju

    Founder and CEO of Arcadia

    "To make electrification and decarbonization possible, we need the data, tech, and innovation to bring our 130 year old electricity system into the twenty-first century. We're excited to join other business leaders committed to accelerating the electrification of everything and doing our part to help solve the climate crisis.”

  • Tracy K. Price
    Tracy K. Price

    CEO of Qmerit

    “Qmerit is fully aligned with Rewiring America’s belief that electrification is the unifying climate solution. Our nationwide network of certified electrical contractors has installed tens of thousands of EV charging stations, battery storage units and upgraded electrical panels in homes and multi-family properties but this journey has only just begun. To achieve mainstream adoption, electrification must be easy, affordable, and a seamless experience. That is the ambition we share with Rewiring America, and we are committed to making it a reality.”

  • Wayne Ting
    Wayne Ting

    CEO of Lime

    “At Lime, our mission is to build a future for transportation that is shared, affordable, and most importantly, carbon-free. We’re proud to be the first shared mobility company to commit to using clean electricity to power our facilities and global fleet of light electric vehicles. We know this work is vital to preventing the worst impacts of climate change and are glad to work with Rewiring America to achieve these goals on a broader scale.”

  • Kevin Walker
    Kevin Walker

    President and CEO of Duquesne Light

    “It’s an absolute honor to take the CEOs for Electrification Pledge and do my part to support a just transition to electrification. As a father, I want my kids to live in a cleaner, healthier and more equitable world. I’m looking forward to shaping my company’s important role in building a better future for our children and grandchildren.”


  • Abode Energy Management
    Abode Energy Management

  • Adafruit

  • Advizzo

  • Anuranet Corp
    Anuranet Corp

  • Arcadia

  • Aspiration

  • Atmos Financial, PBC
    Atmos Financial, PBC

  • BetterClimate

  • bettr homes
    bettr homes

Take Action

Your operations

  • Conduct an energy audit to identify how your business and supply chain can transition to operate on clean, electric machines.
  • Develop a schedule to replace fossil-fuel machines with electric alternatives.
  • Transition your power supply to 100 percent renewable energy.
  • Electrify your vehicle fleet.
  • Prioritize suppliers and partners who are electrifying their operations.
  • Invest in technologies and business models that will decrease costs, remove consumer friction and increase deployment of electric appliances.

Graphic of a solar energy
Your workforce

  • Educate your employees about climate change and the positive environmental, financial and health benefits of electrifying how they drive, heat and cool their homes, heat their water, cook their food and dry their clothes.
  • Provide EV charging infrastructure at work.
  • Help employees enroll in 100 percent renewable energy plans.
  • Offer and promote employee incentives such as discounts on electric appliances and provide tools and services to simplify the process.
  • Offer and promote low-cost financing for electric appliances, breaker box upgrades, vehicles, solar and batteries.

Graphic of people using electric appliances in their homes.
Your customers and users

  • Use your platforms to educate your consumers about climate change and the positive environmental, financial and health benefits of electrifying how they drive, heat and cool their homes, heat their water, cook their food and dry their clothes.
  • Utilize some of your marketing spend to promote electrification to consumers.
  • Build products and offer services that in ways big and small enable consumers to electrify.

Graphic of a woman at her computer
Your community

  • Support state and local policies that incentivize and accelerate the electrification of households, local businesses, schools and community infrastructure.
  • Support training programs for local workers who will benefit from electrification with good-paying jobs.
  • Make EV-charging stations accessible for the community.
  • Extend solar and appliance purchase programs to your community.
  • Fund local organizations that provide resources and services for community members to electrify their homes and cars.
  • Develop or fund electrification programs in your community.

Your industry

  • Use your voice to support efforts in your sector that incentivize and accelerate the electrification of households, local businesses, schools and community infrastructure, and that help train local workers to take on these good paying jobs.
  • Educate other companies about electrifying their operations and incentivizing electrification among their workforce.
  • Push trade associations to support and advocate for policies that incentivize and accelerate electrification.
  • Collaborate with other companies to decrease costs, reduce friction, and accelerate market transformation.

Graphic of people discussing around a table.
Your influence

  • Publicly state your support for electrification.
  • Engage with the news media highlighting your electrification actions and support.
  • Support and sign on to legislation incentivizing and promoting electrification.
  • Allocate lobbying dollars to support legislation that incentivizes and accelerates the electrification of households, local businesses, schools and community infrastructure, and that help train local workers to take on these good paying jobs.
  • Work with other companies that are committed to electrifying their operations and using their influence to accelerate electrification.