You deserve better (appliances).

March 31, 2023

You deserve better (appliances) hero image

“We get used to what we have because it’s all we think we deserve. And the IRA says you deserve to be healthy, and you deserve to upgrade, and you deserve to lower your bills.” -- Stacey Abrams, Fast Company

Stacey Abrams has worn many hats (and one Trekkie suit) and while the venues and audiences may differ, one core belief shines through: she is always working towards better. Because you deserve better. Right now, our appliances are less great than they should be—they pollute our homes and the planet, and cost us way too much. Electrification offers the best chance for a better, more plentiful future. And that is something we all deserve.

When it comes to our energy choices, better has already arrived. The technology for a better future exists today: Induction is better than gas: it boils faster, is more precise, doesn't burn you, and doesn't give your kids asthma. EVs are just better than internal-combustion cars: faster, smoother, cleaner, more powerful. And heat pumps are better than furnaces. This is not about making the "responsible" choice by making do with less, it's about getting a better thing that actually makes your life better.

What’s more, fossil fuel technology is, well, fossilized—we haven’t seen significant innovation in decades. Meanwhile, electrification has a limitless runway for innovation and betterment, bringing costs down and comfort up faster than you can boil water on an induction stove. The heat pumps of the 1980s are a far cry from the heat pumps of today; they can now easily warm homes in cold climates across the world.

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With 64 percent of us living paycheck to paycheck, the difference of a few hundred dollars a month can be life-changing. Historically, disproportionately higher energy burdens are felt by disadvantaged communities. The Inflation Reduction Act helps level that playing field with $61 billion dollars in critical clean energy investment in the communities that need it most. That big chunk of change gives low to middle-income households their own electric bank account. Electrification is for everyone.

You Deserve to Decide Hero Image Most importantly, people should let you decide.

“You can decide that you want to upgrade your appliances, upgrade your car, upgrade your home, and you can afford to do it. That’s what this conversation is about. That’s what this movement is about: making sure that families, that individuals, that renters and homeowners actually have the freedom to make the choices real. This isn’t about taking away someone’s opportunities. It’s not about stripping away freedom. It’s about guaranteeing that freedom is real, and not just an idea. And you can go down to your hardware store and get it done tomorrow.”

And you’ll probably choose electric because it’s awesome. Duh.


⚡__ An electrification action hour!__ We're joining our partners at the Soapbox Project for a workshop on April 12 to help you electrify your home for less with the IRA. You can register here to join.

⚡ __Stacey Abrams in __HEATED. Abrams talks about her new role as Rewiring’s senior counsel and increasing awareness of the incentives available in the IRA for all Americans. “I joined Rewiring America because I think they are making a significant and vital contribution to how people have the choice to improve their lives. One of those choices is to electrify. Often, that choice sounds great until you realize you don't have the ability to exercise that choice. But because of the Inflation Reduction Act—because of the extraordinary work Rewiring America did to ensure that individuals that consumers actually reap the benefit, as well as industry—we have the opportunity to marry choice and opportunity together.”

Stacey Abrams in The Guardian! “We are at an inflection point where we can choose to electrify,” she said in an interview. “We don’t have to do it everywhere, all at once. If you want to see what the future looks like, we start building it here and now.”

Rewiring America joins the White House EV Acceleration Challenge. We’re honored to be in such good company in this first round of EV commitments. “Today, the Federal Government, as well as a number of companies and nonprofits including Prologis, First Student, Hertz, Amazon, Google, Rewiring America, and others, are announcing new commitments to expand EV fleets, increase consumer education, and grow the availability of EV charging.” Read the WH fact sheet here.