Winter Heating Brief

December 9, 2021

With winter rapidly approaching, the projected costs to heat our homes and fill up our cars are rising and more volatile. But what exactly should you expect? Our data and research team at Rewiring America just released a new brief, “Energy bill security for American households through electrification,” which analyzes the implications of rising and volatile winter energy prices this winter.

Click here to read our special brief “Energy Bill Security for American Households through Electrification,” and learn more about why the solution for the projected spike in energy costs lies in electrification.

The brief highlights the need for Congress to pass the Build Back Better Act, whose rebates and incentives for efficient, electric machines will provide American families a way to save money on their energy bills today and protect against the price volatility that comes with having fossil fuel-powered appliances and vehicles.

Check out our latest brief analyzing the implications of volatile winter energy prices, and highlighting the need for Congress to pass the Build Back Better Act.