The Inflation Reduction Act gets one step closer to law

August 5, 2022

How A Bill Becomes A Law

We are closer than we have ever been to the most significant climate legislation in our nation’s history. Yesterday’s news that Senator Sinema would support the Inflation Reduction Act was welcomed by so many people who have worked towards the passage of this bill for so long. And, without doubt, it is very good news, supported by an overwhelming majority of Americans.

But our work is not done. It’s up to us to see this legislation through over the next few days. We’re running the last mile of the marathon, but we can’t slow down or stop if we want to win. And win we must. For the sake of peace, planet and prosperity.

Over the coming days, we’ll be upping the usual cadence of this newsletter, to share with you the unfolding legislative process, as well as to further explore important aspects of this bill and what they mean for all of us. Today, we’ll share our latest brief on the Inflation Reduction Act’s benefits to disadvantaged communities, which total $61 billion dollars for climate, clean energy and electrification.

But first, what needs to happen?

Now that Senator Sinema has indicated she’ll support the bill, it will go to the Senate for a preliminary floor vote on Saturday, commencing at 12:30 PM. This begins a 20-hour clock of debate and amendments.

Upon passage in the Senate, it will go to the House, where members are able to vote by proxy. This could happen as early as Monday or Tuesday of next week.

And if the Inflation Reduction Act passes in the House, it will go to the President. We’ll be watching every step of the way and keeping you up to date on the bill’s progress.

Target resources to the communities that need them the most: A Rewiring America brief on IRA benefits for disadvantaged communities

$61 billion for disadvantaged communities

Disadvantaged communities across the United States face unaffordable energy and housing costs, disproportionately higher energy burdens, exposure to poor indoor and outdoor air quality and the worst impacts of our changing climate. Each of these problems on its own poses a danger to the livelihood of millions of households. Together, they exacerbate one another, creating a vicious cycle of vulnerability and risk.

These conditions arise due to our lack of investment in disadvantaged communities, as well as our country’s dependence on oil and gas. But there is a better future ahead of us: one where all communities can enjoy the benefits of renewable energy and electric appliances, free from fossil fuels. Read the whole brief here.

Did you miss our explainer on key provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act? Don’t worry.____ It’s here.

The Electric Explainer Live!

On Wednesday we convened an electric explainer with Senator Martin Heinrich, and Senator Tina Smith, Senate Co-Chairs of the bi-cameral Congressional Electrification Caucus, on the climate provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act, highlighting its potential as a path forward for economy-wide electrification.

"These clean energy investments are going to change the game,” said Dr. Leah Stokes, our Senior Policy Counsel. “We are going to see clean electricity at a pace and scale we have never seen before. We are going to see clean and electric machines rolled out all across this country.” Watch the whole event here.