The 2021 Texas Power Crisis was Preventable

February 14, 2022

One year ago, a huge winter storm left more than 4.8 million in Texas without heat in single-digit temperatures. Tragically, at least 111 people died – more than half of them from hypothermia.

Misinformation spread quickly. Renewable energy was blamed for these preventable power outages. But burning nonrenewable fossil fuels is the very reason we're experiencing devastating storms in greater extremes than ever before. Widespread electrification – and a fortified grid system to rely on in moments exactly like this – could have absolutely prevented this tragic event.

As the climate crisis worsens, winter temperatures are projected to go even lower. Electrified homes have never been more important. We believe that everyone – from system operators, to policymakers, to American families in these communities – must plan for a future made unpredictable by climate change.

We cannot allow policymakers to spread misinformation and double down on fossil fuel infrastructure as a resilience solution. We must urge our leaders to use every tool at their disposal to ensure that the grid can withstand the threats of climate change – and reverse these threats right now by speeding up the transition to nationwide electrification.

At Rewiring America we are working hard to shape the national conversation around electrification for policymakers and everyday families alike. With climate champions like you by our side, we can create a clean energy future – and make sure that tragedies like last year's power crisis in Texas never happen again.

Thanks for taking this electrifying journey with us.

P.S. We don't have to wait on Congress to take our clean energy future into our own hands. Electrification is accessible and affordable in the everyday, kitchen-table decisions we all make. Become a climate champ and electrify your own home today: Check out our Electrify Everything in Your Home guide and learn what simple actions you can take to reduce your emissions.