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May 13, 2023

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Who doesn’t like rainbows, puppies, and clean energy?

Common ground.

There are certain things that we should know to be true across partisan lines. Like puppies and rainbows, clean energy jobs and massive investments in our shared economic future should be easy agreements. But extremists in the House Republican caucus are intent on taking away these no-brainer wins and voted last week to pass a bill that would torque the clean energy investments that have already resulted in 142,000 jobs and $242.81 billion in new investment. Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, this is just plain bad for Americans. And all the puppies and rainbows within our borders.

What can you do? These three things. Do them now. For the puppies.

  • Use your electric bank account!
  • Call your reps
  • Shout IRA from the rooftops with a social share!

Why the Republican rollbacks are a lose-lose-lose

Households lose much-needed money that will help make this electric transformation easier. We’re talking a loss of $2,600 in annual energy and fuel savings and a whopping $18,000 stripped from the average household’s electric bank account. No, thank you.

Communities lose out. Families lose jobs and the economic growth that comes with bajillions of clean investment dollars. The 77,261 jobs created and $198 billion generated across projects in Republican districts. Gone like gone girl. No plot twist.

Our country loses its competitive advantage, as others race to house the factories and innovation we’ve forsaken. The passage of the IRA gave clean energy leaders the confidence to invest on American soil. Without the IRA incentives, companies will quickly take their dollars elsewhere. Do we want these EV car factories built here? Yes, we do.

It makes puppies cry. Ok, we made this one up, but we’re just emphasizing how incredibly dislikeable/damaging/hurtful this bill is.

__How we can win win win. __

Get acquainted with your electric bank account! Heat pump install? Cha-ching. Solar panels? Cha-ching. The best way to show the importance of the IRA incentives is to use them! Drown out the noise of the debt ceiling bill with a cacophony of cha-chings while you __#electrifyeverything. __

Community electric potential. The more we help our communities electrify, the better we all do. Electrification keeps money within the community. Advocacy at the local level is powerful. Last week, New York became the first state to legislate all-electric construction in most new buildings. Community organizing was a huge part of that victory and __we should copy + paste the heck out of that blueprint across the country. __

As a nation, we need to stand up for electrification. You deserve this opportunity to choose a better future for our country. No one should get to take that away.

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From the wire

Big news in the Big Apple! New York becomes the first state to mandate electrification in most new buildings. Rewiring’s New York Policy Director, Michael Hernandez, spoke about the win, saying “Electrifying new construction is the first easy step … that can really provide a demonstration to representatives and communities about how great it is to go electric.” Stateline

Climate optimism beats doom and gloom. Read the two steps to follow to move ourselves toward a clean energy future (hint: we need to electrify pretty much everything). One of the biggest selling points? “We can still have our quality of life but use half the energy,” Sarah Lazarovic, Head of Communications at Rewiring. Fast Company

Recommended rewired reading! An inspiring collection of essays (including one by our very own Dr. Leah Stokes) edited by Rebecca Solnit and Thelma Young Lutanatabua. Not Too Late: Changing the Climate Story from Despair to Possibility. Quotes from our co-founder, Saul Griffith. This book promotes the climate future that is still possible if we can all “Inform, Imagine, and Act.”