New-ish Year - New Electric You!

January 19, 2023

Dear friends,

Happy New Year! Yeah, we said it. We’re still in January. It’s fine, just don’t tell Larry David. This is shaping up to be a VERY happy, electrically-charged year. But before we get all 2023 in here, let’s sling back one more bubbly toast to 2022—it was epic (Inflation Reduction Act passage, anyone?). If you missed our end of year wrap up, fear not: you can read up on all of our electric accomplishments.

This is the year we’ll put the IRA to work. There are incentives in this bill for every household in America. It’s a beautiful bill, and we love it dearly, but it will remain a collector’s item unless we use the credits and rebates to their full electric potential.

How will we fulfill that electric potential? By making sure everyone knows about the IRA, and how to access their electric bank account full of money as it becomes available.

Rebates and Credits

First up on our 2023 hits list - TAX CREDITS. Rewiring America put together a one-stop-shop list of 2023 tax credits that are active right now. We’ll keep this list updated throughout the year and highlight our favorites here and on our social channels.

Coming later in the year - UPFRONT DISCOUNTS. Take a gander at these beauties under our household electrification incentives. We expect these to be ready throughout the year, but we’ll be tracking these closely and filling in those go-live dates as they come.


Indeed, there are lots of reasons to get hyped for 2023. Alongside that excitement, there may also be some frustration. We are on the brink of an electrification revolution. The signs are all around us: heat pump sales beat out gas furnaces in 2022 (see chart below), clean energy jobs are growing, and, of course, every American household now has an electric bank account: a pile of IRA money to help them electrify. But there’s also an electrician shortage, and lots to sort out. Heat Pump Sales

At Rewiring America, we don’t shy away from challenges. But we also know that we will win this—electrifying our country (and planet!) for the sake of our health, pocketbooks, and the future. It will take each and every one of us, and we’ll need to stretch ourselves - trying out new ideas, new appliances, and reading this newsletter (nailed it). We took the stretch advice literally and made an electric-inspired stretch workout - try it!