Let the electric gains begin!

August 17, 2022

IRA Passes

At times this legislative road has felt long and circuitous. But yesterday's signing of the Inflation Reduction Act means the path has become smoother, and more amenable to the growing fleet of electric vehicles that will soon be driving on it. The IRA is the most important climate legislation America has ever seen, but it won’t be the last. The law establishes the market certainty households need to build the affordable, beautiful futures they deserve. It’s the beginning of a better story.

Thanks to the clean energy provisions in the IRA, households will be able to swap out dirty machines for clean ones at a pace that works for them. The act gives families the ability to plan. It meets people where they are, and allows them to charge forward on their own timelines, as they create their own electrification journeys.

Beyond the home health and energy security implications, American families will save money electrifying (on average $1800 per household). But one of the most empowering aspects of this legislation is that it accelerates our transformation year over year, because increased adoption means decreased cost at scale. The more we electrify, the cheaper it is to electrify. And this will happen at a rapidly intensifying clip, in every zip code across the country. This legislation will also commence the largest transfer of wealth from energy producers to households, the rightful recipients of these savings.

The households that run to these incentives first not only reap the benefits of immediately lower bills and healthier homes, but perform a true service to all Americans. They drive uptake, and reduce friction for their friends and their communities. Their efforts make it easier for their neighbors to power up. It’s a virtuous cycle that helps electrify the entire economy. And it builds community strength and wealth, creating an abundant future for our children.

Now that this bill is signed into law, we can begin to realize the immediate benefits of electrifying everything together. To that effect, we've built a household savings calculator to help you instantly see the incentives available to you on your electric journey. Let's get started! Now!

IRA Savings Calculator

Of course, we welcome your feedback as we build out this tool: What works? What doesn’t work? What would you like to see? And how will YOU electrify? Please let us know by emailing media@rewiringamerica.org so we can improve our tools and build great things together.

Can we ask you to share?

What will you get? Try the calculator and share your findings on your social channels today. What will you electrify first? We’d love to know. (And tag us, friends!)

It's almost game day

Property Brothers Game

We’ve partnered with Storm 8 to electrify the Property Brothers Home Design mobile game. Starting August 18th (for four days only!), you’ll be able to play an electrified version of the game! If you haven’t played the game before, download it today to get up to the level necessary to play our electrified round.

Up to $10,000 will be donated to Rewiring America. We’re curious to see what you come up with, electrification enthusiasts! Practice for all the improvements you will make thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act?

Future Earth + Present Rewiring

Future Earth

On Monday, August 22nd at 11:30 am ET, Rewiring America + Future Earth will be coming to you live on Instagram. Max Moinian of Future Earth will chat with our own Mr. Heat Pump, Sam Calisch, for an AMA (Ask Machine Anything!) on the Inflation Reduction Act, household electrification (including what renters can do!) and more. Come with your questions, please! You won't want to miss Sam talking about woo warmers (what's a woo warmer? Attend to find out). In the meantime, be sure to follow us on IG and

, friends!

Fully Charged + Present Rewiring

Fully Charged Live

On September 10th, Rewiring America will be at Fully Charged Live, the home energy and electric vehicle show, in San Diego, CA. Our CEO, Ari Matusiak, will discuss the best home energy options on the main stage at 4 PM with Dan Caesar. On the same day, our Head of Special Projects, Sam Calisch will discuss heat pumps in the home, and then stroll the convention floor to accommodate all your Mr. Heat Pump photo op needs.

What will you electrify first?

Can you try our calculator and share what you plan to electrify? We need to replace a billion machines, and that effort starts with you! Thanks for being on this electric journey with us.

Find out how much money will you get with the Inflation Reduction Act calculator here.