It’s time to update how we Earth Day.

April 13, 2023

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It’s time to update how we Earth Day.

For the first 50+ Earth Days, "reduce, reuse, recycle" served us well. But in 2023, it’s time for a new strategy: "reduce, reuse, rewire." Reduce energy usage by upgrading to efficient electric machines, reuse by relying on renewable energy rather than fossil fuels, and rewire your life by electrifying everything in your home and your vehicles.

As our co-founder Saul Griffith says, “There are a few decisions that really matter: where you choose to live, how you power your home, and what you drive. If Americans make a small number of decisions well, we can solve climate change together.”


Swapping out a fossil fuel-powered appliance for an electric alternative reduces the energy required to do the same job. Multiply that by 1 billion machines and our nation will need less than half the energy we currently use. Electrification IS efficiency! And efficiency IS reduction!


Which sounds better: A) Creating solar panels and an EV battery once and using them for a decade or two, or B) having to mine, refine, ship and burn fossil fuels every time you need to take a little drive? Electrification + renewable energy = reuse for years. Did you know:


The best part about this is it’s all doable. We have the tech, we have the tools, we just need to rewire. In so doing, we’ll decrease or eliminate our harmful emissions while making our homes more comfortable and saving on energy bills.

Are you ready to rewire? Here are three steps you can take:

  • Call an auditor—the home energy kind. Every home has its quirks, and you don’t want to be stuck installing an emergency gas furnace in the middle of winter because your electrical panel needs an upgrade. A home energy assessment will provide a clear direction on your next electrical steps. In some cases, this may include upgrading your panel and wiring.

  • Make a plan. (You too, renters!) If you’re all-in on electrification and ready to get started, there’s a guide for that! Our free Electrify Everything in Your Home guide (written by Rewiring’s Joel Rosenberg) provides tips, checklists, and moral support on your path to electrifying everything.

  • Start your electric engines! If you already know what you need to replace, GET GOING! Check out our calculator to see what tax incentives you qualify for, and pump it up!

So… how are YOU going to Electrify Earth Day? Click here to tell us which machine you plan to swap out next for a more efficient and advanced electric alternative.

Then, share one (or all!) of the images below with your friends over email, on messaging apps, or on social media to encourage them to make a big swap themselves.

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Struggling to visualize the impact of Electrifying Earth Day without the help of a large African hoofed mammal? You’re in luck! @RewiringAmerica created a series of giraffe-themed electrification fun facts just for you!

This Earth Day, let’s all reduce, reuse, and REWIRE by deciding to swap out a dirty-energy appliance for a more efficient and advanced electric alternative.

Considering getting a heat pump? These longnecks would thank you. Earth Day Social Post 1

Wondering if a heat pump water heater is worth it? Tell that to this half-giraffe. Earth Day Social Post 2

Evaluating an EV upgrade? Make sure to get one with a sunroof so these fellas can feel the wind in their horns on the highway. Earth Day Social Post 2

FROM THE WIREThe induction range may be a homeowner’s next big kitchen upgrade! Could not agree more! And they even quoted Mr. Heat Pump!

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