Electrify Guide

December 15, 2021

Here at Rewiring America, we just released our very own Joel Rosenberg’s new book, Electrify Everything In Your Home, a how-to handbook for American households to electrify their homes and lives, from how they heat their homes and water, cook their food and dry their clothes to the cars they drive.

This handbook is the nuts-and-bolts companion to our co-founder Saul Griffith’s book Electrify!, a comprehensive and optimistic action plan for fighting climate change and transforming the economy and lives through electrification. Where Saul outlines an action plan for the economy as a whole, Joel brings it back to the kitchen table decisions we all make, empowering consumers in their own homes.

Read Joel Rosenberg’s "Electrify Everything In Your Home" guide and learn what actions you can take to reduce your emissions, become a climate hero, and save money AND the planet!

Joel’s book pairs perfectly with Congressional action on the Build Back Better Act, which provides rebates and incentives for efficient, electric machines that will provide American families a way to save money on their energy bills today and protect against the price volatility that comes with having fossil fuel-powered appliances and vehicles.

Electrifying everything is not just the way of the future – you can make it a reality in your home now. Read more about the path to electrification at every level.

Thanks for taking this first step in creating a clean energy future.