The best entertainment is electrifying

Fossil fuel machines are polluting our screens. We’re putting a stop to it by helping entertainment professionals use better, electric options in film and television, inspiring people to power their own lives without dirty fossil fuels. Learn about why you should apply to join the Electric Creatives coalition.

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With great power, comes great electricity

Stars like the Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott are using their voice and platform, including in this recent appearance on Morning Joe, to educate audiences on the critical role electrification plays in creating a climate-safe future. Our coalition gives entertainment professionals working in all facets of production the tools they need to advance the right electric climate conversations, and make meaningful emissions reductions contributions.

Are you a production professional, entertainment executive, or TV/Film creative? Let’s work together to go electric!

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Why is it so important to go electric?

TV and movies set the terms, and define what’s cool. Your favorite character drives your favorite car, and if it’s electric, you want to go electric. The cool part is that electric machines are better than ever, and better than gas. And bonus, they don’t destroy the planet. We don’t have time for anything less than going fast and furious. We’ve got to electrify 124 million households over the next few decades to reach our climate goals.

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The guides and resources you need

Going electric can save you time and money and make your productions better. Check out our guides to help you take advantage of available resources to help you electrify.

Electric resources

Induction stoves are the best way to cook, easier to use, better for storytelling, and pollution free. Download this guide to learn more about the benefits of induction.

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Tax credits and rebates

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 includes billions of dollars in tax incentives for studios and productions to cut energy costs and emissions.

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Your electric checklist

Never miss an opportunity to electrify everything you show on screen. Download this easy-to-use guide to keep your production free of fossil fuel machines.

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Are you a production professional, entertainment executive, or TV/Film creative? Let’s work together to go electric!


What does electrification on screen look like?

Film, TV, and digital media creators have immense cultural influence — and the ability to dramatically accelerate America's transition off fossil fuels. Here is what to show on screen:

I’ll have what she’s having

Include induction stoves in all interior shots of kitchens in homes and restaurants. Ditch gas stoves and show the superior electric tech instead.

You get an EV and you...

Now that electric vehicles are cost-competitive with the gas-guzzlers, there’s no reason your characters shouldn’t be zipping around town in a sleek EV.  

EV phone home

A Level 2 charger is easy to add to a garage shot (bonus points if it’s not just a prop). And a mid-trip charging stop is a great, modern scene location.

Solar panels powering roofs

Look for locations with solar panels installed on roofs. Feature solar panels prominently in exterior shots.

Heeeeere’s lawny!

Rather than burning gasoline where the kids play, use a quieter electric mower, weed whacker, or leaf blower. 

There’s no place like Ohm

Got a basement scene? Show off a heat pump water heater. Outdoor scene? Get the heat pump in the shot! And a mini-split classes up any interior.

Let us help you bring electrification on-screen

We provide customized resources, tools, and helpful instructions for studios and production companies that want to go all-electric on set. Learn how these efforts reduce carbon emissions in the entertainment industry and catalyze greater change. Find out how you can get involved today.

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