Focus on your products and leave the incentives to us

Rewiring America’s API offers comprehensive, up-to-date information about federal electrification incentive programs and eligibility.

How our API can help your business


Increase demand for electrification by showing your customers what they can save via incentives.


Create compelling quotes for services by including accurate incentive information upfront.


Save your customers money by ensuring they have full insight into tax credits and upfront electrification discounts.

Why Rewiring America's API

Build on our expertise: our policy and research teams sweat the details of eligibility and how incentives interact, so you don't have to.

Build on proven, comprehensive data: our IRA calculator has served hundreds of thousands of electrifiers.

We're committed to the cause: Rewiring America's purpose is to make electrification easy for you and your customers.

Note: we currently only have information on federal clean energy incentives from the Inflation Reduction Act. State, local, and utility incentives are in the works! Contact us to be notified when new data is available.

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