Rewiring America Launches “Electric Creatives” Initiative to Power The Electrification of Hollywood

Rewiring America initiative helps productions save tens of thousands of dollars, identify discounts and incentives for electric appliances, and get appliances to set; Advisory Council Includes TV reno star Jonathan Scott and Stacey Abrams

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, MAY 23, 2024 — Rewiring America, the nation’s leading electrification nonprofit, today announced a new initiative, Electric Creatives, to help entertainment professionals use better, electric options in film and television, inspiring people to power their own homes and lives without fossil fuels. The new initiative works with studios, creators, and producers to switch from fossil fuel-powered appliances to greener, electric ones.

Through the initiative, Rewiring America experts and researchers will help productions green their sets and reduce costs by identifying discounts and incentives for electric appliances, offer tailored consumer research insights, surface meaningful thought leadership opportunities for productions and creatives, and help deliver electric appliances to sets.

To help the entertainment industry go electric and save time and money in the process, a council of Electric Creatives advisors has come together — including luminaries like home renovations expert and climate change advocate Jonathan Scott; political leader and bestselling author Stacey Abrams, who also serves as senior counsel for Rewiring America; and Rewiring America experts, CEO Ari Matusiak and Senior Policy Counsel Leah Stokes. The council will provide guidance across the TV and film industries on how to get electric appliances on set.

“We have a generational opportunity to take action where we live and where we work,” said Abrams. “Creators in film, TV, and digital media hold enormous cultural influence. They have the ability to use their platform to show viewers what is possible and accessible, without losing quality

or ease. We create change when it makes sense and cents — and this initiative can help drive that progress.”

To kick off the initiative, Rewiring America has worked with Scott Brothers Entertainment and JUMA Entertainment to incorporate electric appliances into their shows, including “Celebrity IOU” and “Secret Celebrity Renovation'' respectively. Rewiring America has also helped deliver induction stoves to additional unscripted and scripted shows to be used in productions this year.

Scott Brothers Entertainment regularly incorporates sustainable technologies into their award-winning home design and renovation programming as one of the largest non-scripted production companies in America.

“As the energy landscape continues to shift away from fossil fuels, the future of home technology lies in electrification,” said Jonathan Scott, co-founder of Scott Brothers Entertainment. “Viewers look to our programs for guidance on making their homes as happy and healthy as possible. By modeling sustainable and efficient technology such as induction ranges in our renovations, our hope is that viewers take notice and realize that these technologies are accessible to everyone. Electric Creatives is a great reminder to the entertainment industry that we have the reach and the platform to normalize sustainable technology and help educate folks on practical steps they can take to join us in reducing our carbon footprints.”

Production sets can incorporate electrification through various components from induction ranges and electric vehicles to electric lawn maintenance and solar panels. Electric Creatives gives entertainment professionals working in all facets of production the tools they need to make these meaningful emissions reductions and advance the right electric climate conversations.

Forty-two percent of energy-related emissions in the U.S. come from homes and businesses: the cars we drive, how we heat our homes and water, cook our food, and dry our clothes. Switching to clean, electric machines disconnects households from direct fossil fuel consumption and is essential to a healthy, sustainable future.

“We don’t go electric at the speed we need without culture change — The Fast and The Furious franchise switching to electric vehicles, home reno shows installing shiny new electric appliances, and your favorite TV chefs cooking on the best stoves available, which just happen to be induction,” said Rewriting America CEO Ari Matusiak. “We’re thrilled to offer our research, insight, and market transforming power to help leading creatives do real, measurable things that will bring emissions down.”

"We've already saved productions tens of thousands of dollars by going electric," said Brock Benefiel, who directs the Electric Creatives campaign. "Upgrading to electric appliances also looks better on screen and makes sets safe. We're happy every time we can help a show or film take a step towards the all-electric future.”

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