Electrification Resources for Local Leaders

At Rewiring America we understand that transformative change happens in communities. That’s why we curated this resource hub to supercharge your community’s journey towards an all-electric future.

Your electrification toolkit, at a glance

Notes: All of the resources and tools below are approved for you to use, with attribution, for educational purposes. Please do not alter them without permission.

Policy and Federal Funding

Looking for policy options and federal funding opportunities to enable electrification in your community? From building codes to workforce development to navigating the IRA – We’ve got you covered.

Need help navigating policy and funding options? Want more curated resources?

Community Electrification Education

Presenting to your community about what it means to electrify? Giving an overview of how the Inflation Reduction Act makes electrification more affordable? Check out our tools and resources to help your constituents, friends, neighbors, and coworkers start their electrification journey!

Case Studies of Community-led Electrification Initiatives

Local leaders across the country are taking charge of installing efficient, electric machines in homes across their communities. From new construction to existing buildings and from small towns to huge metropolises – we collected 25+ case studies of trailblazing communities across the US that have implemented electrification pilots and programs. Check out the case studies below. Case studies summary report coming soon!

Looking for support to start your own community electrification pilot or program?

Local Pace of Progress

Illustrated data lines all merging up. Icons for solar panels, electric vehicle, induction stove and a heat pump are shown.

To achieve net zero emissions by 2050, we must rapidly replace fossil-fueled machines. That means driving up the adoption of efficient, electric machines above the “business as usual” market case. Each community will need to meet the required pace of electric adoption to jump start the market and be on track as we near the end of the decade. Check the pace of progress your city, county, and state needs to hit to meet our climate goals.

Member spotlight

Larissa JohnsonResidential Energy Program Manager for Montgomery County’s Department of Environmental Protection
Q: What electrification pilots or programs are you working on that you’re most excited about?

In partnership with the City of Takoma Park, Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland, and the Montgomery County Green Bank, DEP is planning to launch a Residential Electrification Incentives Pilot program in the coming months. The program will reserve a minimum of $365,000 in direct incentives for homeowners in market rate housing to electrify. The incentives will be offered to eligible homeowners in the form of a “discount” on electrification measures they choose to implement in their home. Separately, residents with a household income at or below 85% of area median income will be eligible for dedicated low-to-moderate income funding provided through a parallel incentive program provided by the County. Those qualified will be eligible to receive a whole-home electrification incentive amount up to $20,000 to supplement state provided funds.

Lauren ClemensWhatcom County’s Climate Action Manager
Q: What electrification-related projects or programs are you working on currently that you’re most excited about?

I recently completed a six month technical assistance cohort through the Department of Energy with 14 other peer jurisdictions on planning for electric vehicle charging infrastructure deployment. In 2024, in partnership with Whatcom County Council of Government, we are launching an electric vehicle infrastructure study to identify areas of the County that are underserved by available public charging stations. Whatcom County borders Canada and includes both lowland and mountainous regions. Determining resource adequacy and grid reliability will be necessary as an increasing number of residents and visitors require convenient, trustworthy charging stations.

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