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Electric is better
for driving, cooking, heating, cooling, and your energy bills

Why electrify? Because you deserve a healthier, cleaner, and more amazing future.

Power your home in style

The latest heating and cooling technologies are quality investments in innovative, modern machines. When you upgrade your home, you save energy too. Plus, heat pumps are fancy.

Save money

Electrifying your home can save you money year-round. And for many upgrades, there are now big discounts, tax credits, and low-cost financing options available. Win-win.

Protect your family

Create a safer, healthier home for you and yours by eliminating explosive fuels and reducing air pollution inside your home. You can do it!

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Want to make a plan to electrify everything?

Whether you’re a homeowner or renter, there’s no better time to get started than right now. But it’s tricky to know what to do first. We’re here to help.

Want a car or truck that’s better, faster, and cleaner?

Want a stove that’s better and healthier?

Want an A/C and furnace that’s better and more efficient?

Want a water heater that is 3x more efficient?

Want to power your home with limitless solar energy?

Want to purchase renewable energy through community solar?

How much money can you save with free incentives and tax credits?

Electrify now and save thousands. (Yes, thousands!) Switch to electric appliances, purchase electric vehicles, install rooftop solar and clean home energy, and more! Many Inflation Reduction Act incentives are available right now. Many more are coming soon! See how much you’ll get with our IRA savings calculator.

Show me the money!

Electrify everything with contractors

The best way to electrify your home is with the help of a trusted, qualified contractor. Here’s why:

Save time and money

Contractors can provide guidance on how to sequence your home electrification projects so that your shiny new appliances will be installed on time and on budget.

Incentives and rebates

Contractors can share all the ways you can maximize your savings through tax credits, refunds, and other funding options.

Expertise and guidance

Electrification can be hard work. And, every house is different. A contractor can help you dream up a comfortable and energy-efficient home.

What other contractor-related guides, products, or services would you find valuable? (And if you’re a contractor, we’d love to hear from you, too.) Let us know!

It’s a no-brainer. I electrified my house 4 years ago it’s worth the savings, in your wallet. Not just [for] the environment. Batteries are on order.

Robert R.

We got our induction unit about a year ago, and it’s awesome. Super responsive, gives you actual low stable heat, boils water (for corn / pasta) so fast, easy to clean as nothing burns onto it, doesn't heat up the kitchen in the summer. A++ would do again.

Sean D.

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