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Electrifying La Paz Place

UPDATED: 10/04/2023


Project Name: Electrifying La Paz Place

Project Leader(s): Elevate

Partner(s): Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation, Slipstream, ComEd

Stage of Completion: In-progress

Construction Type: Existing Building

Building Type: Multi-family (1-4 bedroom units)

Total Number of Units Targeted: 44

Total Number of Units Completed: 44

Tenant Structure: Multi-tenant/rent

Target Audience: Low-to-moderate income tenants (31 units for 50% AMI & 13 units for 30% AMI), Latinx families

Electrification Project Scope

Full/Partial Electrification: Full

Existing Heating Type: Natural gas

End Uses Electrified: Space heating and cooling, water heating, cooking appliances, clothes drying

Specific electric appliances installed: Cold-climate air source heat pumps, non-induction electric stoves, electric resistance clothes dryers, heat pump water heaters


Total Project Funding: $1.6M in leveraged grant funding from multiple sources

Amount or % of Project Cost Covered per unit: 100%

Source of Funding:

  • Elevate Building Electrification Program (BEP): offers grant funding to offset the overall cost of building electrification in affordable housing

  • ComEd's Energy Efficiency Research & Development Group provided funding support for hot water heater replacement and monitoring

More information

Motivation for electrification: The motivation for this project is to support decarbonization retrofits for communities most in need and facing impacts of climate change. Additional motivation is to reduce carbon emissions in existing buildings, especially affordable housing, reduce energy burden, and improve indoor air quality.

Additional Measures Implemented: Solar, smart thermostats

Workforce Development/Green Jobs Component: This project served as a gateway case study, and since the project started Elevate has been able to bring in new contractors to projects.


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