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Electrify Communities Minnesota

UPDATED: 10/04/2023


Project Name: Electrify Communities Minnesota 

Project Leader(s): City of St. Louis Park, City of Edina, City of Eden Prairie

Partner(s): Xcel Energy, Health Partners/Methodist Hospital, MN Interfaith Power and Light, Age Well at Home

Stage of Completion: Waiting to start. Funding has been committed. Working on program design.

Construction Type: Existing buildings

Building Type: 1-4 unit buildings

Total Number of Units Targeted: Between 6-10, 1-4 unit buildings

  • Total units electrified will be between 6 and 40

Total Number of Units Completed: N/A

Tenant Structure: Owner-occupied or renter-occupied with landlord consent

Target Audience:

  • Low-income homes (renter or homeowners at 80% of AMI level or below)

  • Experiencing high energy burden

  • Homes that have electric resistance heating are preferred

Electrification Project Scope

Full/Partial Electrification: Full

Existing Heating Fuel Type:

  • Electric resistance heating (preferred)

  • Natural Gas (if there are not enough electric resistance homes eligible)

End Uses Electrified: Space heating and cooling, water heating, cooking, clothes drying

Specific electric appliances installed: Cold climate air source heat pump, heat pump water heater, induction stove, heat pump dryer


Total Project Funding: $1M from Congressional funding

Amount or % of Project Cost Covered per unit: 100%

Source of Funding:

  • Primary funding: U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development

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Motivation for electrification: Completing this pilot program will help the three cities spread awareness and interest in electrification projects and demonstrate viability of efficient, electric technologies such as heat pumps in cold climates. The completed homes will be showcased during the Twin Cities home tours to provide interested parties with a guided tour to home decarbonization. The three cities hope to extend invitations to elected officials, contractors, and residents to learn more about electrification and promote the program. Additional motivations include improving indoor air quality for low-to-moderate income folks.

Additional Measures Implemented: The project aims to build local contractor knowledge and experience with whole-home electrification retrofits among various building types. Additionally, the project will leverage the Center for Energy and the Environment’s (CEE) Home Energy Career Trainings program to support paid internships for BIPOC communities and women. Contractor training through the Electrify Everything Minnesota initiative will also help to train contractors to install heat pump water heaters, and the program will bolster existing electrification training work.

Workforce Development/Green Jobs Component:

  • Meeting prevailing wage requirements

  • Subject to HUD section 3 regulations for employment and business opportunities


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