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121 E Catherine St All-Electric, Affordable Housing Development

UPDATED: 10/04/2023


Project Name: 121 Catherine All-Electric Affordable Housing Development

Project Leader(s):

  • Ann Arbor Housing Development Corporation

  • Avalon Housing

Partner(s): Landon Bone Baker Architects, Elevate, Macon Engineering, ArtSpace, DMC Real Estate Services, O’Neal Construction, Dykema, Environmental Consulting & Technology, Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority, City of Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor’s Sustainability Office, Community Leadership Council, Washtenaw County, Michigan State Housing Development Authority

Stage of Completion: 

  • In-progress

  • Finished development design docs. 

  • Start construction early 2024.

Construction Type: New construction

Building Type: Multi-family

Total Number of Units Targeted: 63

Total Number of Units Completed: N/A

Tenant Structure: Renter-occupied

Target Audience: Low-income (up to 60% AMI) and half the units will be supportive housing units for community members experiencing homelessness

Electrification Project Scope

Full/Partial Electrification: Full & Partial

  • Full

  • Primary is electric with gas back-up generator

Existing Heating Fuel Type: NA

End Uses Electrified: Space heating and cooling, water heating, cooking appliances, clothes drying

Specific electric appliances installed: Geothermal heat pumps, electric stoves, electric dryers (community laundry area), public electric vehicle charging stations, and (2) shared electric vehicles for residents only


Total Project Funding:

  • $30M ($13.2M in low income housing tax credits, $800,000 in County HOME funds, $650K in DDA, $960K in brownfield grant, $134,000 in 45L, $5.8M in city millage, $2M in a permanent private loan)

  • Pending $5M in RAP funds from state of MI, $600k federal home loan bank (AHP affordable housing program funds), $1M from EGLE

Amount or % of Project Cost Covered per unit: 100% of utility bills covered in rent

Source of Funding: See above

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Motivation for electrification: The City of Ann Arbor is motivated to increase affordable housing developments while also keeping alignment with the City's goals to reach carbon neutrality by 2030.

Additional Measures Implemented: EV charging stations, EV carshare for residents, rainwater capture system, green roof (to aid in natural heating and cooling), bike/scooter share access, on a bus route area

Workforce Development/Green Jobs Component:

  • Meeting prevailing wage requirements

  • Subject to HUD section 3 regulations for employment and business opportunities


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