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Electrification Rebates


$4.5 billion ($225 million reserved for Tribes)

The Electrification Rebates provide point-of-sale consumer discounts to enable low- and moderate-income households across America to electrify their homes. Notably, households will experience HEEHRA’s point-of-sale rebates as immediate, off-the-top discounts when making qualifying electrification purchases.

Funding available to DOE in 2022; likely distributed to State Energy Offices and Tribes in 2023 with rebates available to consumers by late-2023 or 2024.

The details

  • The rebates may be implemented differently in each state, so we cannot guarantee final amounts, eligibility, or timeline. And without additional appropriations from Congress, the rebate programs will end once their initial IRA funding is exhausted.

  • Establishes point-of-sale consumer discounts for “qualified electrification projects” (see chart), up to $14,000 per household.

  • Covers 100 percent of electrification project costs for low-income households (who earn less than 80 percent of their Area Median Income) and 50 percent of costs for moderate-income households (who earn between 80 and 150 percent of their Area Median Income).

  • Covers installation and labor costs as well as purchase costs.

  • Extends upfront discounts to multifamily buildings in which 50 percent of residents are low- and moderate-income (LMI); and

  • Incentivizes contractors to perform electrification projects in LMI communities with contractor rebates up to $500 per project.

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